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Elizabeth Buckley


Buying radios may be easy, it is understanding there are other components which may play into the matter.  Will there be a repeater or base station, are the radio units licensed under the FCC rules requiring a radio authorization?  Will a transmit antenna be located on a structure requiring registration with the FAA and possibly the FCC?  Let us assist you in keeping in compliance.

FCC-FAA Licensing, LLC is available 24/7 to meet YOUR needs.  We offer expert radio licensing and tower related filings at reasonable rates unlike a traditional 9-5 practicing firm.



Ms. Buckley has been preparing, filing and securing authorizations from the FCC since February 1990.  Since then, she has become very knowledgeable with the regulations and experienced with the preparation and filing of applications in the Private Radio, Microwave, Marine, Aviation, Media, Common Carrier, Experimental and Satellite Services.

Ms. Buckley ascertains the compliance of applications with the Commission’s Rules and Regulations, the tracking of applications and various other types of requests from the moment an application is requested from a client, submitted to the FCC to the time the agency takes final action on the application.

Ms. Buckley’s capabilities further include knowledge of FCC research materials and procedures at its offices in Washington, DC and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania as well as tower registration requirements and procedures with both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and FCC.

FCC-FAA Licensing offers assistance with applications and notification filings with the FCC and FAA.  Applications is a generic term and applies to parties seeking authority for new services, modifications, administrative updates, license cancellations, Requests for Special Temporary Authority (STA), Requests for Rule Waivers, Assignments of Authorization, Transfers of Control and other types of applications in various radio services.

Ms. Buckley also assists clients with the sale or purchase of assets.  The FCC has strict requirements for parties seeking an Assignment of Authorization or Transfers of Control of a licensee.

Ms. Buckley has a distinguished reputation among FCC regulators, Engineering and Frequency coordinating companies as well as industry colleagues.


John Cloud



Mr. Cloud joins the team as an United States Army Veteran with over 20 years of Telecom experience from hands-on day-to-day network engineering and operations, to telecom management for companies such as MCI and Level 3 Communications.  Mr. Cloud is currently pursuing his Masters Degree in Business Analytics at American University's Kogod School of Business.  


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